A comparison of f116v with medieval charms

Abstract: In this article I analyse the final page of the Voynich Manuscript, denoted f116v. I examine a possible reason for the unnatural positioning of the text on this page, and look at the writing to identify temporal trends in the inking of the glyphs. A brief mention of possible languages are mentioned. I then compare the structure and format of the text with a series of medieval charms to try to identify a semiotic comparison with other such medieval works. Finally I examine the illustrations on this page to identify a possible correlation with the supposed intent of the text.

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Restoration attempt on f116v?

What has happened on f116v in the last few years?

The very last vellum page of the Voynich Manuscript has a cut on the top outermost corner. This is quite clear comparing the older photographs we see on JasonDavies (link) with the modern images released late last year.

Screenshot of the area in question from JasonDavies.com
Screenshot of the area in question from JasonDavies.com (before repair to cut)

And here is the current state of the MS from the .tif files released late last year by Beineicke: Read More

Decrypting the Michtonese on f116r

I previously talked about the marginalia on f116r in this blog post and in this pdf document. In brief, there are four lines of text here, , the first up against the cut of the vellum, the other three in a paragraph below, mainly written in a Latin alphabet with a couple of Voychinese words at the beginning of the third line. Here’s the image:

The Michtonese on f116r (colour adjusted)
The Michtonese on f116r (colour adjusted)

The first two words on f116r have been thought to be “pox leber”, or goats liver in German – some say it’s a recipe, other that it’s a swear.

Note: I have superseded this attempt to decrypt the page with a new analysis and no longer think it is encrypted text. This is left here as a record of my attempt. I now believe this page is a medieval charm spell, read the article here.

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