First authorised copy of the Voynich has been commissioned by Yale

It seems the Beinecke has authorised the specialist manuscript producers “Siloé” from Spain to make the first ever authorised copy of the Voynich.

The project will start in February, when the specialists of the company will be given access for a whole week to make their own photos of the book and get “the feel” for it.

They will then start producing handdrawn exact copies on vellum for sale.

Siloé is one of the worlds premier manuscript makers, based in Burgos (Spain) and has made 34 official copies of ancient manuscripts in the last two decades, 14 of which have won international awards. They’ve been pestering Yale for the last decade to allow them access to the Voynich.

It seems Yale opened a selection process last year, and has this week confirmed Siloé has won it.

23 professionals will be working on the process, and the reproduction will be “100% identical” promises the firms director.

However, the first copy is not expected to be released until 2018.

No news on how much the copies will sell for – some of Siloé’s works sell for over €10,000. I understand the project is being financed by crowdfunding.

In all, 898 numbered editions will be issued.

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