Sunday Times apology for calling aircraft carrier a destroyer

An apology in today’s Sunday Times: A caption last week incorrectly identified the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson as a “destroyer”. Apologies to all those who were deceived 🙂 Somebody was obviously angry enough about this to make a formal complaint. Dunno why I thought this was funny, but it made me laugh. More to the point, who was Carl Vinson?

A trip to Málaga airport

I’ve just been on a trip back to the UK, and decided to go via Málaga airport*. Now that the motorway is open all the way there, I wanted to see how easy it is to get to this airport. As the fourth biggest airport in Spain, flights are cheap and plentiful to all points of the UK (and other European destinations), so could it be a serious alternative to Alicante? The answer is, yes Continue reading A trip to Málaga airport

Spain has no answer to zombie invasion – but says it doesn’t need one

Are they mad? The Spanish may be able to forgive their politicians embezzlement, sexual predilections, and cosying up to Trump. But the revelation that Madrid doesn’t feel it’s necessary to draw up a Zombie emergency plan has caused anguish across the nation. Actually, the response to the question tabled by senator Carles Mulet (Comprimis) shows a rare sense of humour by some unknown functionary, as El Mundo notes. Mulet, a member of one of the Continue reading Spain has no answer to zombie invasion – but says it doesn’t need one

Another unique eco-system in province killed off

One of the largest surviving “artineras” ecosystems left in the province has been destroyed by farmers. The 2,64 square kilometre artinera outside El Ejido is a protected space under Spanish legislation, but Ecologistas en Acción say that invasion by builders and farmers has illegally destroyed it. Artineras are grouping of several types of indigenous grasses that form small inter-dependent ecosystems around a shrub known in Spanish as the Arto. Animal and insect life within the Continue reading Another unique eco-system in province killed off

So what’s going to happen to the Spanish State visit?

In all the general election excitement in the UK, one vital question has been overlooked by the pundits – what’s going to happen with the visit of the Spanish Royal family to the UK? The election is on June 8, and King Felipe is supposed to be visiting on June 6-7. He and his family can still meet the Queen of course  but with purdah in force across the UK government, he won’t be able Continue reading So what’s going to happen to the Spanish State visit?

Los Gallardos – Bédar – Lubrín road to be upgraded

The provincial council is to spend €120,000 improving the AL-6109 which connects the villages of Los Gallardos, Bédar and Lubrín. Almost two kilometres of road surface is to be replaced, with other sections of the road being improved. Additional safety features will be installed on dangerous stretches of the road, road markings repainted, reflective surfaces installed on corners and safety signs replaced. The money has become available due to budget under-runs on the 31 road Continue reading Los Gallardos – Bédar – Lubrín road to be upgraded

Private parts sales banned

Spain has banned the trade in motor spares between individuals. Anyone caught selling on a bit of old motor now faces a fine or even jail, according to antena3. You can now only buy second hand parts for motor vehicles from authorised treatment centers called CATs. The new law tries to implement EU decrees on the recycling of engines and the maximisation of vehicle life. What it actually does is penalises the second hand repair Continue reading Private parts sales banned

Wild boar out in force

Wild boar are out in force again for the mating season and drivers run the risk of hitting one of these stout little beasts during these dark nights. Such a collision is usually fatal to the animal, and often to the vehicle as well. Insurers warn that many older policies subscribed to under the old law may not include collisions with wild animals, and that drivers should double check their policies. Remember that an on-the-spot Continue reading Wild boar out in force

A local woman is to become the first gitana beatified by the Catholic Church

A local gypsy woman who died during the Civil War is to become the first female Romany gitano to be beatified by the Catholic Church. Emilia Fernández Rodríguez was born in Tijola in 1913 and died in the ‘Gachas Colorás’ prison in 1939 after giving birth. Sra Fernández was born to a cave dwelling family and earnt her living weaving baskets, helping to support her family in this manner. In 1938 at the age of Continue reading A local woman is to become the first gitana beatified by the Catholic Church

Rajoy has a chat with Trump

Mariano had what was described as an “extensive and productive” chat with Trump today. (Further investigation shows that it lasted exactly 15 minutes). Madrid said that Trump was very interested to hear about Rajoy’s reactivation of the Spanish economy. Rajoy said he talked at length on bilateral relations, security and the economy. As Trump hung up, Rajoy shouted down the phone that he would offer to mediate between the USA and south America. No news Continue reading Rajoy has a chat with Trump