New hotel for Garrucha?

Garrucha is to get a new four star hotel on its beachfront. The “La Palmera” carpark will be the site for the new five storey building, which will have up to 52 rooms. The land is owned by the council, who will lease the site for 99 years, after councillors voted in favour of the plan yesterday. The project has yet to be tendered out to a company, but the council expects the project to Continue reading New hotel for Garrucha?

An unique new art exhibition debuts at The Albar

Laura’s exquisite, highly detailed art pieces, created in honour of wild nature, are being exhibited to raise awareness and funds to help with the conservation of ‘the wild’. Builder of the only Earthship in this region (an eco friendly home made from upcycled and natural materials), Laura’s passion for these unconventional materials comes through in her sculptural handmade home and her intricate art pieces. “When I see your art it feels like I’m in your Continue reading An unique new art exhibition debuts at The Albar

Corvera to start flights in December, San Javier to close

AENA officially took possession of the new Corvera airport last weekend, in a ceremony which saw the regional president hand over the symbolic keys to the building to the AENA representative, putting to an end an eight year farce which has cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions of euros for feck all. AENA, of course, being the Spanish partially state owned enterprise which runs airports across the nation. The new airport will be known as Continue reading Corvera to start flights in December, San Javier to close

Lubrin in the Sunday times

Casona Grande and restaurante Albar in Lubrin have made it into the Sunday times best places to stay in Spain today. The newspaper says: Casona Granado, Andalusia The British expats Clayton and Rachel Morley have taken a run-down house in the pretty village of Lubrin and turned it into exactly the sort of place you dream of finding in the Almerian hills. The eight rooms pitch bold-coloured fabrics against bright white walls — Nos 4, Continue reading Lubrin in the Sunday times

Up in the mountains

I was up in the Sierra Cabrera this Monday, clambering up mountains and then walking up over La Jara into Mojácar. It was quite fun up here on the Cerro del Judío (hill of the Jew) but the sight of that approaching storm scared me back down.  Braving a few drops I carried on up one of my favourite tracks, up to the old cortijo in la Jara from where you can just see the Continue reading Up in the mountains

A record year for filming

The province had a record year for filming last year, with no fewer than 91 permits being issued to film in the countryside across Almería. 14 of these were for long shoots (films, etc), 5 for short films and 4 for documentaries. Most of the rest were adverts, according to this news report from La Voz. We had the foo-foo French film ´Les Frères Sisters´ (the brother sisters, according to my schoolboy French), which is Continue reading A record year for filming

Cortijo Grande water supply condemned

The regional ministry of health has condemned the water supply of Cortijo Grande. Residents expect their water supply to be cut off as early as next week after Turre council failed to act. Councillor Maria Luisa Cervantes (independent) was alerted to the situation last week by residents who contacted her in desperation. One resident told her that in the opinion of Cortijo Grande’s residents, councillor Martin Morales (IU/communist) had dropped the Brits like a hot Continue reading Cortijo Grande water supply condemned

Today, Spain lost Catalunya

It is a terrible thing to say, but in a few years time we will be saying “today, we watched the end of Spain on TV”. Because today is, sadly, the end of Spain. And the only person to blame is Mariano Rajoy. Who will go down in history as the infamous leader who led Spain down the garden path, in his arrogance and obsession. The world watched with horror today as a modern European Continue reading Today, Spain lost Catalunya

Spain is in the midst of its worst crisis since the civil war

Spain is rushing headlong into its worst constitutional crisis since the Civil War. And if Barcelona has its way, it will cause a crisis across the EU that makes Brexit look like an irrelevance. Madrid has shown itself to be incompetent and opportunistic in refusing to listen to the nationalists demands. Although this has distracted attention away from allegations of corruption levied at the very heart of the ruling PP party, Mariano Rajoy has only Continue reading Spain is in the midst of its worst crisis since the civil war