The articles written here are the subjective opinions of their author, and when published were a true and genuine reflection of the visit to the establishment.

Restaurants change, and come and go, and as such old articles are clearly marked as such and moved to the “historical” folder. They are not deleted, for they are a testament to a passed moment, precious or feared, and deserve to be remembered.

This website is a labour of love, and, perhaps, a flattery to my ego. I do not pursue any agenda, I further no interest, I take no money and I never, ever, accept comps or bribes.

Some ask, “why do you do this?” And others, “what makes you qualified?” Well, because I can, and because I can afford a meal in a restaurant. Unlike so many of the masses, couped up in pens across the world, we live in a democratic, just, tolerant and safe(ish) society. And by expressing myself in this manner I feel that I have added my grain of sand to the avalanche which is Western society. Let the censors win, I cry, and we shall end up with Christians and Muslims taking potshots at each other in Turre high street, and we shall rue the day we allowed the ember of liberty to die.

The articles on this page, and the comments posted by third parties, are protected under the LISI and other applicable laws. The “derecho de respuesta” is provided by the comment section on each entry, and any statement by an affected party sent within the legal timeframe permitted under the law will be published as such. Unpleasant or irrelevant comments will be edited in order to maintain a pleasant outlook upon life, and to stay within the “Ley de Injurias”.

2 Replies to “Disclaimer”

  1. David jackson…who are you? I came upon this site tonight after seeing Cayo Lara interviewed on Andalusia TV and, being impressed by his beliefs and the manner in which he expoused them, I found your dismissive comments of him disappointing. You, to me, seem to use the word “communist” as a label to impugn any philosophy of social conscience and responsability. Are you American?

  2. Cayo Lara is one of the leading members of the Spanish Communist Party, so calling him a “commie” seems justified. He was elected to be leader of the IU after several blocks within the party were divided, allowing him -a recognised hardline leftie- to be voted in by the PCE and associated parties.
    IMHO, his appointment as leader sinks any chance the IU ever had of being generally acceptable to the Spanish left, and prevents them being a strong (and much needed!) alternative to the PSOE, which is upsetting to me.

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