Election results, eh?

And so I return to our sunny shores to find a seismic shift in the local power has taken place whilst I was away. The usual allegations of postal fraud, ballot box stuffing and vote buying can now commence. Let’s see… quick roundup of Sunday’s municipal election results? Mojacar: Rosmari has returned to power, with an absolute majority (6 councillors). UM10 got 3, PSOE 2, MPSM 1, MPM 1. The rest, including Angel Medina, are Continue reading Election results, eh?

Comedy acts in Zurgena?

Bored in Zurgena? Of course you are, there’s nothing much to do up there. So look forwards to this: Los Companeros del Teatro present at The Teatro Municipal Zurgena Two comedy one act plays “White Lies” by Richard James and “The Last Panto” by David Tristram Friday 4th March Saturday 5th March doors open 7pm – curtain up 7.30pm tickets available, for your donation of 5€ Girasol              1 Stop Pool Shop                       Sabor Restaurant Albox                   Longos Continue reading Comedy acts in Zurgena?

Six million fuel oil fraud ring broken up in Cantoria

Having evaded the ever vigilant eyes of Hobday’s Cantoria Neighbourhood Watch Association, a group of local lads in Cantoria have been charged with adulterating diesel with corn oil before flogging it off to transport companies and local petrol stations. They made about six million euros, Hacienda reckons. See Petrol scam found in Cantoria Almeria “The operation, codenamed ‘Oil’,” – these coppers do think of some innovative codenames for their operations. Remember Operación “Costurero” (Operation Sewing), Continue reading Six million fuel oil fraud ring broken up in Cantoria

Local politics in Arboleas and the Arboleas forum

I’m not much of a man for forums -too busy- but I was recently made aware of some interesting developments on the biggest of our local English language forums, arboleas.co.uk. All of the busiest forums seem to be up in the Almanzora valley – read Lenox’s interesting post about the different ones here. What with being retired, and being under the threat of demolition, the Brits of the Almanzora Valley have a lot of time Continue reading Local politics in Arboleas and the Arboleas forum

Zurgena anti-cloud seeding organisation keeps growing

News reaches me of a local organisation called AVIAL, based in Zurgena. (Asociacion en defensa de la salud y el medio ambiente y contra sistemas anti-lluvias en Almeria). A good job they decided to abbreviate their name…. The point of the organisation is to mount a neighbourhood defense against the practice of agricultural cloud seeding, where insurance companies and agricultural cooperatives pay for planes to “seed” clouds with silver particles, which makes the clouds precipitate Continue reading Zurgena anti-cloud seeding organisation keeps growing

Mayor of Zurgena and 24 more charged in urban corruption case

Mayor of Zurgena and 24 more charged in urban corruption case Judge David Villagrá of Huercal Overa Court Nº 2 has allowed charges to be placed against the Mayor of Zurgena, Cándido Trabalón, his second in command Manuel Tijeras, and 23 other people. It has been 15 months since Guardia Civil officers swooped on the sleepy little town of Zurgena, arresting the mayor and several other people. During the operation they closed the town hall Continue reading Mayor of Zurgena and 24 more charged in urban corruption case


Here’s a good one – I’ve just read that Zurgena is known all over Spain because it is the last entry in any alphabetical guide or dictionaries to Spanish villages! People from Zurgen are called Zurgeneros, by the way.

Man looses land up to his pool for new motorway in Zurgena

According to Jim Simpson, Almerias only English councillor, over in Zurgena a gentleman expat has had his land expropriated up to a meter away from his swimming pool for the new motorway. (Here). Blimey. Of course, he won’t get a penny more than the 1,2€odd a m2 for land they actually take. He’s also stuffed inasmuch as he can’t do anything within 150m of the motorway, so goodbye any  new structure on his land….

Englands only councillor in Almeria on street names

Jim Simpson is an English expat who was elected to the local council of Zurgena in the last elections, despite not speaking any Spanish. His blog is over at http://jiminy304.vox.com and is worth consulting, if only to bow your head in sympathy with his struggles with local bureaucracy, corruption, politics and life. He’s also head of the local neighbourhood watch and is trying to force the Guardia into “community” policing, as if he didn’t have Continue reading Englands only councillor in Almeria on street names