ZP says house prices can only go up

ZP, aka “Mr Optimistic”, has told CNBC (the US business channel) that house prices in Spain have reached rock bottom and can only go up. He added that he has managed to change the international perception of Spain’s debt and that this mean Spain’s economy can only grow from now on. “The international markets had an exaggerated pessimistic view of our national debt” he told CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, “but we have changed their perception and Continue reading ZP says house prices can only go up

Almanzora motorway

Works have stopped on the Almanzora motorway. Commuters on the dirt track, laughably called a bypass, that connects the towns in the region around the works, are reporting seeing nobody on the road, machines gone, children playing football on the half built bridges, etc, etc. This has lead to a rumour that ZP has personally ordered the cancellation of the works to save money, as part of his 5% cut out of expenses. The Ministry Continue reading Almanzora motorway

ZP tells Brown how to win the election

ZP, who graciously travelled to Brighton to bestow some glamour on the otherwise dull Labour conference (ole Prince of Darkness Mandelson comedy routine excepting), shared a few tips with Brown on how to win the next elections. No, nothing about using the Police and Judiciary to hound your political opponents into the ground. Nor did he advise him to change his name to David Cameron to confuse the voters. Apparently Brown must be “loyal” to Continue reading ZP tells Brown how to win the election

A free laptop for every child

Promises ZP today in his “debate over the state of the nation”. It seems that as from the next school year, all children in 5º of Primary (all 420,000 of them) get a free laptop, setup to connect to free internet access and full of educational software to teach them. Ignoring the obvious stuff about purchasing, distribution, setting up school networks, programming the damn things, making sure the randy little buggers can’t download porn on Continue reading A free laptop for every child