Lion cubs seized at Sevilla party

Kiko Rivera – a well known fat idiot – is in hot water with animal lovers after allegations that police raided an exclusive party he was giving due to complaints he had two lion clubs on display from the local zoo. Kiko is well known in Spain for being the gormless son of Isabel Pantoja – singer and thief who plundered Marbella’s public treasury along with then boyfriend Julian Muñoz, despite being found guilty she’s Continue reading Lion cubs seized at Sevilla party

Berja big cat scare

Berja is in a state of panic after the Mayor hit the emergency button, after seeing a “panther” in the park. The small town (above and to the left of Almeria city) has been running around in a panic ever since residents started reporting a large feline roaming loose in the local park. The Mayor went down to investigate, claims to have spotted it, and reckons that it’s a large black panther. The local park Continue reading Berja big cat scare

Ecologistas en Acción denounce an illegal zoo in Almúñecar

Ecologistas en Acción, the umbrella ecologist group, are loudly decrying the fact that the zoo and resort in Almúñecar (complejo de Peña Escrita) is permitted to continue to function, despite a report from the Ministry of the Environment which recommended its immediate closure, due to the fact that it does not comply with the zoo laws. Ecologistas en Acción point out that the zoo is outdated, and keeps animals in unhygenic, cramped and unsalubrious conditions. Continue reading Ecologistas en Acción denounce an illegal zoo in Almúñecar