Christmas – it’s English music, English food and English cheer, the whole world over

It was whilst nursing my bad toe, sustained in an accident putting up the tinsel, that I started to muse on this world-wide joke perpetrated upon an unsuspecting and innocent world by the English – Christmas. It is an act of cultural hegemony that had done more than anything else to establish a single cultural baseline across the world. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are in late December – OK, probably not Continue reading

Christmas Lunches in Almeria

I have been offered “fully freezed, ready to cook” three course Christmas dinners (for not much money) by a clever importing company for preparating and sale to unsuspecting customers. Nothing wrong with a frozen Christmas dinner, I suppose, unless you are serving them to the unsuspecting public who are happily paying their €40… Anyone got any horror stories about Christmas dinners this coming winter in the area? I already know about the place near Albox Continue reading