Wolves back in force across Spain

A quietly released report says that breeding programmes have successfully re-introduced wolves into Spain, with over 2,000 wolves roaming the centre of the country. There are about 250 packs being tracked by biologists, with one pack just outside Madrid, some 40 miles up into the hills. “As wolf numbers grow so does the number of attacks on animals. From 2005 there were about 1,500 attacks a year. Then in 2008 it jumped to over 2,000,” Continue reading Wolves back in force across Spain

Wolf problems

It appears that farmers in the north of the peninsula are starting to take up arms about the reintroduction of protected species – mainly, wolves and bears. A number of these animals have been released into the wild over the last 10 years, and it seems that they are breeding happily. However, the recent cold weather has brought about what many farmers always feared – attacks on their flocks by these predators. Indeed, the Castilian Continue reading Wolf problems