High winds cancel carnivals

Carnivals across the Levante were cancelled this afternoon due to the high winds. Pulpí, Garrucha and others all posted urgent messages on social media urging people not to go to the appointed marches as nothing was going to happen. The area continues under orange alert for high winds until midnight tonight. Nice but colder tomorrow. Oh, and the flag pole carrying the Vera flag on the roundabout outside the Galasa offices just went for a Continue reading High winds cancel carnivals

High winds knock over Madrid’s main Xmas trees

Two enormous Christmas trees in Madrid have been knocked over by high winds this morning. The trees, in Plaza de Colon and Cuesta de Moyano, fell before gusts of over 100kph. Nobody was hurt. Madrid townhall is asking residents to make sure everything on their baloneys is properly fastened down to avoid accidents.

Orange storm alert along coast for this Sunday

An Orange alert has been issued along the coast of Almeria warning of strong winds and high tides. Civil protection reckons we could be looking at gale force 8 winds starting Sunday afternoon as a storm blows in, and warns people not to approach the sea. They also ask homeowners to ensure nothing can be blown off roof patios onto the streets below.