A fox!

As foxes go, this one was not a particularly fine specimen. Don’t think I need to worry about him biting through the chicken wire to get at the chickens! Taken in the Rio Aguas above Turre last night (click for big pic) We later discovered that this was a cub and spotted him with his mother (no sign of any others around) All together now… ahhhhhh….

Arboleas quiz on wildlife

If you live in the Arboleas area, why not take 10 minutes of your time to fill out this short survey on wildlife in the area? http://www.impressity.com/Survey/sl.aspx?SurveyLinkId=yddjdvxxmlhedjxkzygl It’s being run by chelseaphil from the arboleas.co.uk forum. (Check out the link for some fun photos of wildlife!) He explains: I am commencing research into the changes in flora and fauna in the Almanzora Valley.  Changes in the respect of the large swathes of land that have Continue reading Arboleas quiz on wildlife