Wild boar out in force

Wild boar are out in force again for the mating season and drivers run the risk of hitting one of these stout little beasts during these dark nights. Such a collision is usually fatal to the animal, and often to the vehicle as well. Insurers warn that many older policies subscribed to under the old law may not include collisions with wild animals, and that drivers should double check their policies. Remember that an on-the-spot Continue reading

Wild boar causes panic in Garrucha

A wild boar caused panic Tuesday when it got into the middle of the seaside town of Garrucha and started wandering around. According to residents, it was spotted on Iglesias street and when approached legged it down a side street. Within minutes panic erupted as the large pig “rampaged” up and down streets, with people fleeing in unnecessary horror. Good fun was had by all,

Environmental police Chief done for organising an illegal hunt

The head of the Environmental Police (Seprona) in the Malagan town of Coin has been charged with organising an illegal hunt for wild boar last January. It seems the police chief – a fanatical local hunter- offered to help organise the local hunt in which over a 120 local hunters, together with beaters, went out shooting wild boar. 7 other officers have also been charged in the case. In exchange for helping to organise this, Continue reading