Farmers decry weather manipulation

The provincial farmers union FERAL have announced that they are filing a complaint with the environmental police about the use of light aircraft to “seed” clouds with minerals to alter weather patterns. José Antonio Pérez from FERAL explained that his union is working with cooperative Asaja to prepare a joint complaint to back up an earlier denuncia filed by Murcian farmers earlier this summer. Snr Pérez said that the “number of complaints from our farmers Continue reading Farmers decry weather manipulation

Cold air sweeps into province – watch out for storms

Get ready to shiver and pull out those winter woollies as a mass of cold Atlantic air hits us today sending the thermometer plummeting, with a possibility of snow in Mojacar. Nah, I’m over excited. But the max temperature in expected to drop from the 38º it hit earlier in the week to just 30º or 31º over the next couple of days, as the hot front settled over us for the last two weeks Continue reading Cold air sweeps into province – watch out for storms

Yellow snow alert in province

There is a snow alert, yellow level*, for the higher parts of the province tonight. *Sorry, yellow snow alert. Snigger. Snow above 1,000/ 1,500 metres in the south of Spain, starting to fall tonight. Los Velez is the main area affected, as are the mountains of Tabernas. We may get some rain tonight and Monday morning – then again, we may not. Stay up to date here from the official source: The weather. Consult the Continue reading Yellow snow alert in province

Secret weather manipulation in Almeria denounced

For years there has been a secret programme to manipulate the weather in Almeria, according to a newly formed farmers association setup to “uncover this meteorological terrorism”. The Asociación en Defensa de la Salud y el Medio Ambiente y contra los Sistemas Quitalluvias de Almería (Avial) says that several large insurance companies have for years been seeding clouds across Almeria and Murcia to make it rain elsewhere, thus avoiding hailstorms and floods in the province Continue reading Secret weather manipulation in Almeria denounced

Todays weather….

is a salutary reminder of the wisdom of the old local saying Hasta el 40 de mayo no te quites el sayo (roughly, don’t take off the pinny until the 40th of May) It’s grey, cold, somewhat damp and flipping freezing. A nasty comedown from the 33ºC of the weekend.  

Yellow snow alert in province for Tuesday and Wednesday

Almeria is on yellow snow alert as temperatures drop to -4ºC Tuesday night! Nacimimiento, Campo de Tabernas, Valle del Almanzora & Los Velez could receive up to 2 centimetres of snow, starting 10pm. The snow level could drop to about 700m according to the Met office. Although VERY cold it isn’t likely to rain too much.  

UK expected to be warmer than Spain, Italy and Greece this weekend

Britain looks set to bask in sunshine this weekend as temperatures top those of many European destinations. London is expected to be warmer than Madrid, Rome and Athens as much of the UK enjoys balmy weather. Matt Dobson, meteorologist at MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said even parts of western Scotland could be treated to sunny weather. Posted from WordPress for Android – mobile blogging!

What lovely weather

As the rest of Europe freezes, and western Andalucía is swept out of sea (terrible floods), at 8:30 this morning it was 20ºC, according to my car. That’s almost 30º degrees warmer than the UK at the moment. Fantastic. This sort of weather makes up for the corruption, over efficient police, and illegal homes. And should the mood take me, within 2 hours I could be in one of Europe’s largest ski resorts.