Turre to hand water over to Galasa

Turre will vote this evening to hand the water management of the town over to Galasa. An open plenary session at 8pm to which all are invited. This means that the town will stop handling its own water affairs and turn the whole thing over, lock stock and barrel, to Galasa in a rather rushed deal that fails to benefit the town in any way. All meters will be changed for new ones (the town Continue reading Turre to hand water over to Galasa

Water problems across the Levante

The main water pipe bringing supplies from Carboneras to the Galasa network exploded outside Garrucha, causing a massive repair operation yesterday. I was going to take a photo, but there was no safe place to stop and I got scared by the traffic. 🙁 Since they had to cut off the supply to the Garrucha pumping station to replace a massive piece of pipe, Turre Mojacar Los Gallardos and parts of Antas were all switched Continue reading Water problems across the Levante

Water proposals for Turre

It’s the second biggest problem in Turre, after the whopping 10 million euro they owe to the banks: the quality of water in Turre. Turre used to have the best water around – cheap, clean, tasty and bountiful. What happened? The problems are three fold: Overuse of the main aquifer. Turre town hall owns water rights from several aquifers but in the last decade has only bothered to use one (to save buying a new Continue reading Water proposals for Turre

Vera to sue Codeur ex-directors

Vera townhall has voted to sue the ex-directors of Codeur for incompetence. Codeur is the public utility company that runs the water system in Vera. It’s owned partially by Keymare (the builders that made such a mess of the coast round the water park) and mainly by the town of Vera. Anyway, Vera says the old directors (appointed by the Keymare shareholders) ran the company “for the benefit of the shareholders and not the greater Continue reading Vera to sue Codeur ex-directors

Local water declared drinkable

The Department of Health (sanidad) has issued a unified declaration of potability for the water of Galasa across the Levante. It comes after an extensive period of government testing of water at 83 urban centres across Carboneras, Mojácar, Turre, Antas, Arboleas, Cuevas del Almanzora, Garrucha, Huércal-Overa, Los Gallardos, Pulpí, Zurgena & Bédar.

Turre water update

I was chatting to the Mayor of Turre, Arturo, yesterday and he gave me the scoop on his plans for the water of Turre. Currently, the water of Turre is an undrinkable mess, and it’s been this way for years, as no spending on infrastructure has been carried out for years now. Turre is split into three water service areas: the centre village, which gets Galasa water, and then both ends: Agua Nueva and the Continue reading Turre water update

Turre gives in over water – it will all come from Galasa

Turre townhall has caved in and announced that all water in the town will, from the end of this week, be supplied by Galasa. It´s not a solution to the major problems affecting the town water supplies, but it’s a first step. The major problem with the third world quality of water supplied to most of Turre is that it comes from a reservoir up behind the village that’s filled from local wells.

Valle del Este is first golf course around to use 100% recycled water

Vera has completed its deal to sell annually 250,000 cubic metres of recycled water from its sewage plant to the Valle del Este golf course. This means the golf course will now use only recycled water, which otherwise would have been dumped in the local riverbed or sea. It’s the only golf course in this area to use this system, adds Valle del Este with pride.