Public officials declare their assets online

What a lovely website. It shows you the publicly declared assets of “high-ups” in the public administration, as they are required to do by law. So, for example, we can see that our old friend Luis “bulldozer” Caparros, of Prior fame, owns three rather crummy and cheap houses and a bit of land. DATOS PERSONALES Y PROFESIONALES DEL DECLARANTE PRIMER APELLIDO: CAPARRÓS SEGUNDO APELLIDO: MIRÓN NOMBRE: LUIS DENOMINACIÓN CARGO: DELEGADO PROVINCIAL EN ALMERÍA CONSEJERÍA: Continue reading Public officials declare their assets online

Olives, Olives, €3,50 an hour

While at the hairdressers, I spent an enjoyable hour chatting to a few of the good ole boys of Turre who tend to congregate there. One of them confided that he has always voted PP, but in the next elections tends to vote PSOE. The reason? It seems that 5 or 6 years ago (under “El Bigote”), he couldn’t find anybody to pick his olives for less than 5 or 6€ an hour. Not even Continue reading Olives, Olives, €3,50 an hour