Police release video showing dog throwing itself off balcony

The local police of Polinya have released a video showing a starving and thirsty dog throwing itself off a balcony to escape the hot summer sun. The terrified animal jumped before the fire brigade arrived to rescue it. Luckily it landed on an awning and survived, otherwise it would have died on the pavement below. Police, who are filing animal abuse charges against the owner, remind pet owners to never leave their animals on balcony’s, Continue reading Police release video showing dog throwing itself off balcony

Bisbal returns again to promote Costa de Almeria

Local pop star David Bisbal has again agreed to lend his image to local tourism authorities to help attract more national tourists to the province. He fronted last years tourism campaign, and also promoted the province during his 2014 world tour in exchange for a token amount. He comes from El Ejido and is a hard working ambassador for the province, talking of his love for his native home. Javier Aureliano García from the county Continue reading Bisbal returns again to promote Costa de Almeria

Mojácar presents new tourism video

The town of Mojácar has unveiled its new tourism video, designed to lure the unwary in. It’s called Mojácar: recuerdos inolvidables. (Unforgettable memories). The 4:13 video centres around some fatuous family in 2044 who seem to have done nothing interesting since 2014. When Dad gets drunk on the vino and starts to tell a bawdy story about the son, a family argument erupts which is quickly smoothed over by the daughter suggesting that they all Continue reading Mojácar presents new tourism video

More on the Turre “happy slapping” amongst kids

The Guardia Civil have arrested two 13 year olds, and identified a 12 year old, accused of beating up a Romanian kid they were picking on at school in the central square of Turre. (See Turre happy slapping in the hands of the Guardia Civil.) They filmed the attack on their mobiles and sent the video to their mates. This backfired, as the local media and authorities soon got wind of the video and investigated. Continue reading More on the Turre “happy slapping” amongst kids

Large fire behind Cuevas burns 170 ha of scrub

A large fire yesterday afternoon burnt around 170 ha of scrub, up in the Sierra de Almagro hills behind Cuevas dam, extending towards Huercal Overa. Infoca, the forest fire people, put it out by about midnight, using seven fire teams, several pumps and a helicopter. No other damage was reported. Here’s a video of the helicopter picking up water to put the fire out: