Coppers told off for displaying their six-packs

There’s a bit of a fuss amongst the National Police after complaints that fitter members of the corps have been asking for smaller sized summer uniforms to show off their six packs. They’re taking advantadge of the stretchy elastic uniforms to strut around, winking at the ladies, whilst flexing. Anyway, the head copper of Castilly y León region has warned his men he won’t stand for this and everyone is to wear their correct size. Continue reading Coppers told off for displaying their six-packs

New national police uniform

Irrelevant to us down here really, as we only ever see the National Police when they get lost on their way to somewhere else, but they’re getting a spiffy new uniform. Here’s the current one: And here’s the new modern one, designed for working in hot conditions: Whoops, sorry, wrong photo. Here’s the real new uniform:I like the modern interpretation of the Spanish flag under the Policia bit. That’ll show those seperatists who’s in charge. Continue reading New national police uniform