12 year old Mario wins Masterchef Junior España

12 year old Mario from Logroño (La Rioja) has won the first MasterChef Junior España on TVE-1. The young chef beat off the competition and won with a soft and delicious malagueña. 11 year old Ana Rosa came second. Mario has won the prize of €12,000, although he admitted later that he really wanted to be an engineer when he grows up. The finals were held during Spanish primetime TV: 10 minutes past midnight. Rather amazingly, Continue reading 12 year old Mario wins Masterchef Junior España

BBC subtitles

I can’t believe I’m the only person to notice that the subtitles on the BBC are atrocious. I’ve recently been using them more often, in order not to aggravate the GF when she’s on the phone or studying; when she’s out watching UK tv, she likes to have them on to help her with her English. Sadly, they’re full of inaccuracies, spelling mistakes and generally just miss the point completely. When transcribing numbers, the typers Continue reading BBC subtitles