Spanish TV

“After 10 years here I still can’t speak a word of Spanish!” It seems to be a uniquely English thing to say. The number of years changes but the tone of stubborn pride is always the same, normally followed by some hackneyed comment about “them understanding English if you shout it loud enough”. Ha ha. Very funny. Strangely enough, after a couple of beers these people will usually produce a copy of the Daily Mail Continue reading Spanish TV

Imagine my excitement as Mojácar was mentioned… in a real (made for TV) movie!

Imagine our excitement when the characters in the film the GF was watching yesterday PM on TVE2 mentioned Mojácar as a nice holiday destination and purchased two tickets to come here! Fair enough, it was a made for TV film, but it was a proper TVE production. And yes, the characters were a pregnant 15 year old and her best friend, running away from their strict school and parents in Galicia, so they probably just Continue reading Imagine my excitement as Mojácar was mentioned… in a real (made for TV) movie!

BBC subtitles

I can’t believe I’m the only person to notice that the subtitles on the BBC are atrocious. I’ve recently been using them more often, in order not to aggravate the GF when she’s on the phone or studying; when she’s out watching UK tv, she likes to have them on to help her with her English. Sadly, they’re full of inaccuracies, spelling mistakes and generally just miss the point completely. When transcribing numbers, the typers Continue reading BBC subtitles

Digital TV implementation delayed in Almería – complete cockup!

Just 30 days to go before the analog TV signal is switched off in Almería and the Ministry has announced that, due to “failings in the changeover to digital transmittors”, the switchoff will be delayed in the north of the province. IE – they ran out of time and couldn’t complete. Out of 42 municipios (town halls) that were supposed to be switched off, only 20 currently have enough digital signal to be able to Continue reading Digital TV implementation delayed in Almería – complete cockup!

Telecinco and La Sexta to merge???

Telecinco, the national TV channel, has announced that it is prepared to merge with another operator in order to service it’s debts. The most likely candidate is La Sexta, and negotiations are “advanced”. Telecinco and La Sexta were until recently sworn enemies as Telecinco took La Sexta to court after the two owners had a dispute and La Sexta started several prime time programs taking the mick out of Telecinco. Indeed, the Telecinco lawsuit became Continue reading Telecinco and La Sexta to merge???

Supreme Court rules against hidden cameras for TV

The Supreme Court has made a landmark ruling against the retransmission of footage taken with hidden camaras & recording devices (audio / visual) in the public media. They consider the use of such footage to be against the right of the individual to control personal information and distribute personal information to their own tastes. Basically, it means that if you don’t know you’re being filmed, they can’t retransmit that info via the public network (TV, Continue reading Supreme Court rules against hidden cameras for TV

Vaya mala leche

Somebody asked me the other to translate the phrase “Que mala leche que tenga ese”. So here goes… There’s a good TV programme on \Cuatro at the moment, called Pekin Express, in which a bunch of Spanish couples have to hitch hike from Moscow to Beijing ( Along the way they have to carry out a number of tasks, some couples being eliminated and other getting prizes and advantadges. This week, the winning couple got Continue reading Vaya mala leche

Se llama copla

A fun program currently running on Canal Sur (Andalucia) is an X-Factor style program, but for Coplas. A Copla, for those of you who don’t know, is a style of sung poetry put to music, usually flamenco style – very popular down south. I’m enjoying it! A load of young hopefuls are whittled down by a panel comprising of a moustached gitano who models himself on Simon Cowell (called Pive Amador, a name I hope Continue reading Se llama copla

Digital TV (TDT) is coming!

Television digital terrestre (TDT), or digital TV, is on the way. They’ve just turned off all analog transmitters in Soria, which according to malicious gossip was chosen because they only received one channel there anyway. We will loose analog TV channels here in the region on the 30 june 2009. Which is less then a year away! The Cuevas del Almanzora transmitter has already gone over to digital, leaving Mojacar as the analog broadcaster, which Continue reading Digital TV (TDT) is coming!