Any new business owners around here who want to be on TV?

I’ve been contacted by a UK TV production company who want to find local British nationals who have recently moved out here to setup a new business. It’s for A new life in the sun on Channel 4. Jamie writes: I am writing from the Channel 4 series A New Life in the Sun, a series which follows British people as they set up businesses in Spain and France. I hope you don’t mind me Continue reading Any new business owners around here who want to be on TV?

Local fury over new TV drama set in Almeria’s greenhouses

Antena 3 TV has announced a new national drama series to be set in the greenhouses of Almería, but the local farmers have united to demanded it be scrapped amid fears it may “bring the industry into disrepute”. Demonstrations and legal challenges to follow! Well, quite. If anyone actually sees what goes on inside those greenhouses – a level of slavery, sexism and racial oppression not seen since the cotton picking days of the US Continue reading Local fury over new TV drama set in Almeria’s greenhouses

Spanish TV goes off in 2015 and it’ll cost you 20€ to keep watching!

Only two months after shutting down nine TV stations “because of lack of space on the spectrum”, the Ministry in charge of TV’s has announced they’ll allow five new TV stations to open up. But, and this is fun, it means every TV set in Spain is going to have to be reprogrammed, or you won’t get a signal.

Intereconomia TV goes “pop”

Intereconomia TV, the rather rabidly right wing private TV channel, went quietly under today, and ceased national transmission. At midday today the signal went to a test card transmission nationwide without prior notice. With it went the national radio channels Radio Intereconomía & Radio Inter. A brief comunique from the company said that it will only be available on terrestrial TV in the cities of Madrid and Valencia, although it continues to broadcast on the Continue reading Intereconomia TV goes “pop”

The big TV switch-off happens tonight! (or does it?)

Alan Sykes writes in to say that: The BBC switch-over from our current S.E.S. Astra 1N and 2N satellite transponders to the new replacement Astra 2E “tight-beam” senders will take place at 2 a.m. tonight, into Thursday morning. This move is likely to blank-out most of Europe’s reception of BBC TV programmes, and its several radio channels. See this web-page:-

Catholic TV channel “MariaVision” goes bust

MariaVision was an almost national TV channel dedicated to Catholic affairs. It had no publicity and relied solely on donations from viewers. Unsurprisingly, it’s just gone bust. Surprisingly, it’s last since 2010. Even more surprisingly, it’s big in South America, from whence it came. MariaVision was, for a while, in a commercial tie up with COPE, the Church backed national radio broadcaster, with which it launched Popular+Vision, but they had a bustup and went their Continue reading Catholic TV channel “MariaVision” goes bust