The Cabrera land grab – a look at how it worked

Costa Almería News broke the news this week that Mayor Morales of Turre had signed a decree to take over the running of Cabrera village. What does this actually mean? I had a read of some documents to find out. First off, let’s explain the situation. Cabrera isn’t run by the council (although home-owners still have to pay IBI). Instead, it’s technically a partially finished urbanisation, which means it’s run by a junta de compensación, Continue reading The Cabrera land grab – a look at how it worked

Turre in land grab move

There is a fascinating article in this week’s Costa Almería News in which Mayor Martin of Turre explains how he’s going to bring the mountain urbanisations of Cabera and Cortijo Grande under council control. It seems there is a plan afoot for the council to take over the running of the Juntas of both urbanisations, and then finish off urbanisation proceedings there. Mayor Martin talks of a 3,3 million euro investment project that will have Continue reading Turre in land grab move

Turre tortoise arrest

A person in Turre has been arrested for owning 16 tortoises. The owners had them in their garden outside their villa, and the national police were tipped off by an anonymous phone call. Agents raided the property and rescued the animals, which are now being set to Stalg Luft CREA, a habitat for endangered species up in Vélez Blanco (a bit cold for tortoises there at this time of year, but never mind). The owner Continue reading Turre tortoise arrest

A lovely time at the Royal British Legion in Mojacar

I had a lovely time this morning in the Royal British Legion meeting rambling on about the history of the area. Well, I did, I don’t know about the poor blighters who had to listen to me. I was there to talk about my book Turre – a history. Coming soon to a bookshop near you (and available now via Amazon in print or Kindle). Many interesting and intelligent questions were put to me, and Continue reading A lovely time at the Royal British Legion in Mojacar

Turre to hand water over to Galasa

Turre will vote this evening to hand the water management of the town over to Galasa. An open plenary session at 8pm to which all are invited. This means that the town will stop handling its own water affairs and turn the whole thing over, lock stock and barrel, to Galasa in a rather rushed deal that fails to benefit the town in any way. All meters will be changed for new ones (the town Continue reading Turre to hand water over to Galasa

Turre church dragged into local politics

A British evangelical church has been dragged into politics after Turre council received a number of requests by the opposition PP party to start supporting them. The Church said it was unaware of these moves on its behalf and added that the PP had refused to help when they were last in power. PP leader and ex-mayor Arturo Grima tabled several motions including one asking what measures the town council is taking to support work Continue reading Turre church dragged into local politics

Builder demonstrate at Turre townhall

A group of builders staged a demonstration in Turre’s townhall building today. They were protesting against a council order to stop work on a new building in Cabrera. The workers of Jose Gerez and their families congregated at the council offices to protest against the paralyzing of works. Snr Gerez said that his workers wanted to know “from the Mayor himself why they were not allowed to work and feed their families”. Mayor Morales made Continue reading Builder demonstrate at Turre townhall

Turre again refuses multi-million euro art donation

The town of Turre is once again refusing to accept a multi million euro art donation offered by the town’s old doctor. Dr Blas Carrillo, a now retired yet still famous gynocologist who is from Turre, has accumulated an art collection worth several million euros. Most of his collection come from famous local artists, or were made in the area, especially during the “Indalecio” art movement years. He has some 350 paintings, 300 sculptures, 512 Continue reading Turre again refuses multi-million euro art donation

Turre agrees to develop a new avenue plan

Turre council and the Junta de Andalucia will shortly sign a new agreement to develop a new avenue plan for the town. The Junta says that it has agreed to finance the cost of developing the new plan which will take into account the AL150, AL151 and AL152 – in essence, the main road from Los Gallardos to Mojacar where it passes through the village, the new bridge which goes to the LG – Garrucha Continue reading Turre agrees to develop a new avenue plan

Turre bridge repaired

Emergency repairs being carried out on the ‘Puente Vaquero’ bridge in Turre to reinforce washed out foundations have been finished. Extensive work has been underway for the last three weeks and last Thursday senior politicians came to Turre to oversee the end of the repairs. The bridge’s foundations have been reinforced with one ton boulders and rubble. Turre’s famous bridge was in “severe danger” of collapse after its foundations were undermined. Water gushing over the Continue reading Turre bridge repaired