When the mob came for the priest

It was the cat that awoke me. I started from my wicker seat, the one that my parents had bought me when I left the seminary. I was startled awake from my siesta, and my prayer book fell from my lap, and my glasses with it. I blinked at the broken spectacles. I scrabbled at the frames in fury, and only managed to cut my hand on the thick, broken glass. The welling blood on Continue reading When the mob came for the priest

A night above Turre

Sorry, I spent the lockdown reading the collected works of HP Lovecraft and got carried away. David, August 2020, shortly before he was never heard from again – spell from Clem 849. Tonight was a night of music, not magic. Yet the full moon floated overhead. Silence, cut only by distant lorries and the sudden scream of a vixen. I put on my earphones and staggered through the night. The dead rosemary whipped at my Continue reading A night above Turre

Invasion of the chameleon

There’s a little reptile that competes with the tortoise in our affections, but unlike its shelled cousin it is quietly conquering the province – the common chameleon. It’s not an animal that leaps to mind when you think of Almería, but Chamaeleo chamaeleon is breeding like crazy and is being found in places where it has never been found before. And with the chameleon breeding season upon us, if there are any nearby you’re bound Continue reading Invasion of the chameleon

Cortijo Grande water supply condemned

The regional ministry of health has condemned the water supply of Cortijo Grande. Residents expect their water supply to be cut off as early as next week after Turre council failed to act. Councillor Maria Luisa Cervantes (independent) was alerted to the situation last week by residents who contacted her in desperation. One resident told her that in the opinion of Cortijo Grande’s residents, councillor Martin Morales (IU/communist) had dropped the Brits like a hot Continue reading Cortijo Grande water supply condemned

Catalunya mis-spends €6,150 and is taken over; Turre €13 million, no-one cares

Catalonia has been advised that it will lose control of budgetary spending after Madrid spotted that it has over-spent the whopping amount of €6,150 towards the independence referendum (out of a total budget of €24 billion). To be precise, Catalonia said it would spend € 19.370 on “electoral control”. Madrid spotted that it had spent €25.520, €6.150 more than it should (yes, no million or billion mark), and has used this as an excuse to Continue reading Catalunya mis-spends €6,150 and is taken over; Turre €13 million, no-one cares

Turre launches feedback app

Turre has launched a new mobile phone app to allow citizens to give instant feedback to the council on small problems across the town. I’ve downloaded it and while it’s missing quite a bit of content, the basic functionality is there. It’s alright for citizens, but not much good for tourists. Bizarrely, all of the “council information” such as bylaws, council meetings and the like are for other towns, as is a list of newborns Continue reading Turre launches feedback app

Cabrera land grab could be annulled

Mayor Morales’s controversial change of Cabrera’s ruling committee structure could be over-turned in this Mondays plenary meeting after the PP tabled a motion to annul his decree. And Morales has tabled a motion to annul the 1993 Cabrera decision on voting rights of residents to try to balance things out. First things first: Morales had unilaterally decided -against the wishes of his fellow councillors, an apparent majority of owners up there and the recommendations of Continue reading Cabrera land grab could be annulled

Turre avenue approved by the Mayor

Mayor Morales has today signed his contentious avenue plan into law via executive order of the Mayor. You’ll remember that 100% of his councillors were against the avenue plan that he drew up. Designed by an unqualified friend of his and presented in the dying months of his administration, he has been accused of forgetting about the avenue until now and presenting the fastest plan he could design in order to secure his legacy. The Continue reading Turre avenue approved by the Mayor

Mayor Morales demands public prosecutor investigates illegal homes in Cabrera

Costa Almería News is reporting that mayor Martin Morales has “lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor” over Cortijo Cabrera, asking them to investigate illegal homes in the mountains. See this week’s Costa Almería News for the full story (page 3), but in short, he claims developers and previous mayors may have committed planning crimes there and wants an independent judicial investigation. So if you have a home that is not 100 % legal up Continue reading Mayor Morales demands public prosecutor investigates illegal homes in Cabrera