Christmas – it’s English music, English food and English cheer, the whole world over

It was whilst nursing my bad toe, sustained in an accident putting up the tinsel, that I started to muse on this world-wide joke perpetrated upon an unsuspecting and innocent world by the English – Christmas. It is an act of cultural hegemony that had done more than anything else to establish a single cultural baseline across the world. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are in late December – OK, probably not Continue reading

Tossing the turkey festival in Jaen – it glided three stories quite well

Animal rights activists have spent the afternoon filing criminal complaints against anyone they could think of, after a live turkey was thrown off a church tower in Cazalilla, Jaen this afternoon. It’s one of the lovely traditions the Yanks eulogise, where to celebrate some damn saint, the locals have nothing better to do than to take  a live turkey up three flights of stairs before throwing it out of a window. Well, at least it Continue reading

Chinese find Noah’s Ark

Well I never. Hidden away in a corner of The Times – I suspect it only made it because it’s a slow news day – is a 50 word piece about “Evengelical Chinese explorers” claiming to have found the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey. The mythical (possibly I should amend this to historical) boat was supposed to have grounded on Mount Ararat after the flood. Doves were involved. Having been watching Continue reading