Early start to olive harvesting

A hotter than normal summer has caused the olives trees across the province to ripen early, forcing local farmers and families to start the harvest sooner than expected. However, the drought means that the average yield per tree is expected to drop this year. Around 1.500 people are employed during the olive harvest, mainly by larger companies that produce olive oil for the domestic and international harvest. But just as important are the small family Continue reading Early start to olive harvesting

Cat rescued from palm tree by firemen

It’s not just a UK story – the Spanish firemen are also happy to rescue cats, as we found out today in Almería city! A cat had been stuck in a 5 metre tall palm tree for the last three days, on the street just in front of the regional delegation of the Education ministry in Almería city. The bomberos spent a couple of days watching the animal, and when they finally decided it was Continue reading Cat rescued from palm tree by firemen