Dublin – and a little bit of Irish corruption

I love Dublin. Scruffy old town that it is, it used to be my old stomping ground. (When I escaped out of Wicklow). I have a great love for the place Even being confronted with a march for the 32 counties on Easter Sunday didn’t phase me. I just pointed out that fact to my 4 year old son that one of the protestors had a M&S bag as evidence of the nonsense they were Continue reading Dublin – and a little bit of Irish corruption

Back in the UK

Back in the UK for a few days. It´s cold (15 degrees) and wet and rainy and somewhat windy and all in all it´s a glorious change from the heat! No doubt I will be bored of it by this afternoon, but I did just enjoy five minutes in the rain.

Almería – Madrid train line upgraded

RENFE, the train company, has just launched its new Talgo 334 engine, which apparantly shaves 30 minutes off the Almería to Madrid train travel time. It now only takes 6 hours and 20 minutes by train to Madrid. The time saving is gained by the fact that you no longer have to stop at the Linares – Baeza station to change engines – the new engines, capable of up to 200KPH, can use the same Continue reading Almería – Madrid train line upgraded