The list of speed traps in Almeria over the next month

The DGT (traffic police) have published the list of where all the mobile and fixed speed traps will be this month (there will be a special campaign this month with lots of nasty cops with fine books in their dirty little hands). Later: Here’s the link to a file showing the exact locations of all, courtesy of La Voz de Almería.    

Nail traps found on rambling routes

Hueral Overa local cycling club Indalbike have found a number of home made nail traps hidden on local rambling routes. The traps, large nails hammered into bits of wood before being hidden in the dust (spiky end up) seem designed to stop cyclists, but as the Guardia point out – step on one of these and you could be left too injured to walk home, miles from anywhere. And coming down a hill on a Continue reading Nail traps found on rambling routes