Anger over rubbish English on Almeria city signs

There’s been some outrage about the new city tourism information signs installed across Almería, which use a rather substandard quality of English. Some signs have pretty basic spelling mistakes – “Chatedral” will eventually take you to the Cathedral. moorish fortress is another unpopular one. The authorities also haven’t bothered to be consistent in naming landmarks and historic buildings, meaning anybody trying to find a place from a guidebook would be hopelessly lost. For example, the Continue reading Anger over rubbish English on Almeria city signs

Souvenir of Mojácar, anyone?

Whilst browsing through the local Chinese shops, I enjoy looking for tacky and slightly unpleasent souvenirs of Mojácar. I don’t buy them – why encourage them to make more?- but instead like to take a photo of them. Sadly, this year the crop has been thin. Until I came across this beauty: Next to it was a lovely little collage of photos of Mojácar, tastefully spray painted onto a bit of plastic, which was then Continue reading Souvenir of Mojácar, anyone?

Classic translation by the Guardia Civil

Classic. Lenox has a scanned copy of an English language “Crowded by appearence of it denounces” Guardia Civil theft report form over on his site. Nice to see that the Guardia still don’t faff around when it comes to identifying “race” of people. Black, Arab, Gypsy, Teutonic… all those dodgy swines are there, ready to be ticked off. (No white, I notice).

New telephone translation service in all Andalucian health centres

The Junta has started a new simultaneous translation service for non-Spanish speakers in all it’s medical centres. The system currently supports 46 languages, and consists in the doctor and patient being able to talk via a translator over a conference call from a central call centre. The Junta de Andalucía and Andalucian Health Service have launched a new service for non-Spanish speakers who need to visit a doctor. Currently, doctors will not treat non emergency Continue reading New telephone translation service in all Andalucian health centres

Some funny Spanish film titles

I was talking the other day about Spanish films and the way they like to retitle them into something different. Sometimes they don’t quite get the title right (IE, The 13th Warrior is called 13 warriors, which ain’t quite the same). Sometime they like to add a bit to the title (ie, Alfie become Alfie! El Seductor Irrestible). And sometimes they obviously don’t think the original title is any good and renamed it. (ie Adaptation Continue reading Some funny Spanish film titles