Human trafficker faces four years in jail

An Algerian human trafficker arrested in charge of a dangerous and leaky boat off the shores of Almería is facing four years in jail. The public prosecutor has made the demand, saying that the man’s avarice put the lives of nine migrants at risk. The fibreglass boat, which experts say was unseaworthy, was rescued by the Spanish coastguard last November 29 in high seas off the coast of the Cabo de Gata. The nine migrants Continue reading

Garrucha roundabout to be built

Finally! The dangerous La Simona crossroads leading into Garrucha port from the by-pass is to become a roundabout. The idea was first mooted eight years ago but no agreement has ever been reached. Mainly because the powerful quarries and lorry guild scupper any attempt to improve road safety, as it would cost them more in fuel as they drive up and down that road exporting the province. Now the city council has agreed to proceed Continue reading

Vera to get new roundabout

A new roundabout is to be built at a dangerous “black spot” outside Vera. The new traffic measure will replace the current offset cross roads which lead out of town towards Cuevas del Almanzora, just past the Lidl’s supermarket. The cross roads is considered to be one of the most accident prone spots on the provincial road network. The project has been announced by Vera council, who have signed a collaboration agreement with the county Continue reading

Calls for local mobility scooter regulations

There are suggestions that local councils should consider regulating the use of mobility scooters after an apparent increase of the number of people using them on the public road. Benidorm council recently had to regulate their use and other tourism centres are studying their example. Such vehicles are not regulated under Spanish traffic law. Insurance is not required for mobility scooters, and no vehicle tax is applied. Local police across the Levante have been surprised Continue reading

Seat belt crack down by cops this week

The Guardia are having a crack down on people not wearing seat belts all this week. That’s front, and back seats. 300€ on the spot fine to the driver, by the way. Police reckon 16 road deaths over the last two years were caused by people not wearing their seatbelts. The last time they did a campaign like this, they checked 8.537 vehicles in the province and issued 160 fines. Rebellious or daft types may Continue reading

7 kph grace on speed traps under 100kph; 7% margin above

As from next month, all speed traps will be set to have a tolerance of 7kph if the speed is under 100kph; if over, it will be 7%. Example: If you’re in an 80kph zone, the speed trap will fire at 88kph and you get fined. Likewise, in a 50kph zone, it will fire at 58kph. If you’re on the motorway in a 100kph zone, you can do 107kph (100 + 7%). In a 120 Continue reading

New speed traps go after speeding lorries and people with specific speed limits

Quite a few vehicles on Spanish roads have specific speed limits. Lorries, buses, special cargo transporters or drivers with restricted speeds all have to go slower than the indicated maximum speed at certain points on the road – lorries aren’t allowed to go over 100kph on motorways, for example. The current speed traps in use can’t distinguish between different types of vehicles, and so these restricted vehicles can drive at the maximum posted without worrying Continue reading

Expect the speed limit to drop in the spring!

The final draft of the new traffic regulation was released yesterday by the traffic police (DGT) and is expected to be approved by the council of ministers shortly, with the changes coming into effect by the spring. All secondary and urban roads will see a large drop in the speed limit: roads currently at 100kph will drop to 90kph 90kph roads will drop to 70kph OR 50kph unpaved or single carriage roads will have a Continue reading

Our local gasman is nicked for drink driving after crash

It would happen on the day they doubled all the fines…. PSVP, our local 53 year old Vera Gas delivery driver, has been nicked for being SIX TIMES over the limit after he left the Vera road and hit a wall. He was transporting 80 full gas bombonas at the time. Nobody was injured in the accident and no other vehicles were involved. PSVP was examined by doctors at the scene but was uninjured. He Continue reading

Some traffic law changes you may not have heard about…

We’ve all seen the “big changes” to the traffic law which comes into force today. Here are some of the smaller changes you may not have heard about in the expat press: Cyclists under 16 are obliged to wear helmets in urban areas. Over 16’s or outside of urban areas, you aren’t. When overtaking a cyclist, you have to give them a minimum of 1,5 metres space, and ideally should move your vehicle into the Continue reading