How much debt does your townhall have?

It’s not a factor many people think of when buying a house in the area, but the level of debt carried by your townhall will have a strong effect upon the future of your new home. Anyway, the list of longterm debt carried by each town in the province as of 31st December 2014 has just been published. Here’s the full list: 1. Alhabia… Total longterm debt (thousands of euros): 2.948.. Residents: 681.. Amount of Continue reading

Bonfires of Madrid – townhall destroying “tons” of paperwork as PP lose power

Union CCOO have filed an urgent complaint with the courts to prevent the destructions of thousands of documents currently underway in Madrid townhall. The townhall has told reporters that this is just routine clearing of old documents “a perfectly normal and logical process that all public entities and corporations do every so often to make space”. However, the CCOO says that “since 1977 townhall workers have never seen such a thorough and full destruction of Continue reading

Chap caught red handed breaking into Zurgena townhall

Police were called to Zurgena townhall on Easter Thursday after an internal alarm went off, and when they checked the outside of the building, spotted a broken window with a pair of flip flops hanging off the reja. Their suspicions aroused, they got hold of someone with the keys and searched the building. Hunting around, they eventually discovered 45 F.J.C.M.,a local man, hiding flip flop less under a desk in an office. When they searched Continue reading

How long do townhalls take to pay suppliers?

Used to be the case that if you landed a contract with a townhall you could relax in the knowledge that you’d be paid. You didn’t know when you’d be paid, but at least you’d be paid. Of course, now with the la crisis, townhalls pay infrequently and late. The problem was so great that in 2012 it was deemed to be one of the biggest causes of failures amongst small businesses, and the central Continue reading

Fisticuffs at Turre townhall meeting over corruption claims

You may remember that the new fuente in Turre has been mired in corruption claims, after the opposition said that number 2 in the townhall had got a very sweet deal out of it (read the whole thing here). Both opposition parties have the same story and are vehement in their critiques of the townhall. Juan Ángel (number 2 in the townhall and who planned the fountain) exchanged a bit of land for a lot Continue reading

Mojacar residents suffer highest tax burden in province

Mojacar residents suffer the highest tax burden in the province, according to the latest tax data released by the Ministerio de Hacienda. The data reveals that the average Mojacar resident in 2013 had to pay the townhall €1.240,40 a year in direct taxes (impuestos directos). The next highest village, Turillas, levies just €844 per head a year. Almeria city residents pay just €451.55, for example. The breakdown shows why: Mojacar had (for 2013) an income Continue reading

Turre PSOE: The new fountain is a cover for massive corruption

fiesta santiago turre 2012 party turre fiestas

The new fountain construction in Turre is actually a front for a massive bit of corruption in favour of the councillor for building, alledged the opposition PSOE party today. You’ll remember that Turre last year had a vote for a new design for their old fuente morisco. That’s the ancient fountain behind the community centre, on the bit of scrubland blocked off with some metal sidings. If, when walking down the main avenue, just below Continue reading

Mojacar’s plan to give all townhall workers €1000 scuppered

Rosmari had a plan to give all of her workers in Mojacar townhall a “bonus” of €1,000 this year, but this has now been scuppered after it was ruled to be illegal. The general consensus is that this was a cheap electioneering trick by Rosmari to buy votes ahead of the 2015 elections. OK, not that cheap – it would have cost the townhall €139,000, hardly a trifling sum for a townhall which already has Continue reading

Mojacar Mayor must take WHOPPING pay cut under new law

Our local newspaper Actualidad Almanzora reveals that Mayor of Mojacar RosMari must take a whopping 5000 euro paycut under the new law governing the salaries of politicians. She currently earns 50.400 euros a year, after she voted herself a massive 42% recently. Under the new law, she can’t earn any more than 45.000 euros. Mojacar has 8360 residents, so she costs los mojaqueros…. about 6 euros per head. How much is 5.400 euros, really? Well, Continue reading

Olula del Rio townhall catches fire, radio station damaged

The townhall of Olula del Rio (up in the mountains) caught fire this morning, and seems to have gutted the studio of the local radio station, Radiolula. Mayor Martínez Pascual said that everything was OK at 7:15 am when the cleaners let themselves in, but at 8am the fire alarm went off, and shortly afterwards flames were coming out of a window, as you can see in the photos. Two fire trucks attended the blaze. Continue reading