Almeria fruit delegation gets a puncture

A charter flight chartered by the Almeria Business Chamber, which was supposed to deliver some 200 people to Berlin for the Fruitlogistica expo, was grounded at Almeria airport after a puncture was spotted in one of the tires. Supposed to take off at 5,30 it was delayed unti 14:30 until a replacement tire turned up from Madrid. Martin Soler, delegate for agriculture who was aboard, eventually gave his midday press briefing at an office in Continue reading Almeria fruit delegation gets a puncture


TOMATOMAN has been spotted in Berlin, spreading the word about the goodness of tomatos and RAF tomatos in particular, from La Cañada – Níjar. He made a brief stopover at Fruitlogística, where he scared a few children into eating their veggies and firmed my resolve to never eat a tomato. My word… have you seen his eyes? They say your eyes are the window to your soul…