Why is Spain advertising in the UK that it’s building a train line in Saudi Arabia?

Spotted this advert from the Ministerio de Fomento in todays Times: The Times and The Sunday Times e-paper – The Times – 7 Nov 2011 – Page #33 “Spain to build and operate Saudi Arabia High-Speed rail line.” announces the advert. (Shouldn’t that be Saudi Arabian high speed?) Spanish-Saudi consortium… blah blah… 160.000 passengers a day… Meca to Medina… All very good, but why did the Spanish government feel they have to take a 1/4 Continue reading Why is Spain advertising in the UK that it’s building a train line in Saudi Arabia?

Naming your child after your cat?

From The Times: Tom Freddie Sweeney-Clements was born on February 27, 2011, at the Queen’s Hospital in Romford to Alison, 30, and Ray Sweeney-Clements, 26 Tom is a first child for Alison and Ray, who were featured on the Marriages and Engagements page on April 17, 2010. The couple, who met at an RSPCA sanctuary, decided to name their child after their love of felines: Tom, as in Tom Cat, and Freddie is the name Continue reading Naming your child after your cat?

Cameron pokes fun at the Speaker

From The Times: David Cameron poked fun at John Bercow, the Commons Speaker, in a speech to journalists yesterday. The Prime Minister recounted an apocryphal encounter between Mr Bercow and Simon Burns, the Health Minister, who called the Speaker a “sanctimonious, stupid dwarf”. Mr Cameron described Mr Burns persuading his driver to reverse into the Speaker’s car. An angry Mr Bercow, who claims to be 5ft 7in, confronts the minister, saying: “I’m not happy.” To Continue reading Cameron pokes fun at the Speaker

Jon Gaunt gets into The Times

Just spotted this bit in The Times from Alexi Mostrous’s City Diary: Jon Gaunt, the talk show host, yesterday compared his right to call someone a Nazi with the struggle against Hitler: “Our forefathers fought the Nazis to protect such rights. It would be ironic if the word Nazi were to defeat us when the real Nazis couldn’t.” Correct perhaps, annoying certainly. No news on if Alexi heard this on Spectrum FM…

What a mess between pubs and bars

From today’s discussion of the difference between pubs and bars, being carried out on the letters page of The Times: Sir, Many years ago I was called to the bar of my Inn, which has no bar, and drank in a mess. Fortunately the Inn has a pub adjoining, with one bar much frequented by the Bar. Andrew Francis Lincoln’s Inn, London WC2 Well, that’s cleared it up!

New look for Teleprensa.es

www.teleprensa.es is a local news portal (in Spanish) which provides often quite interesting snippits about local life. (It recently had a fight with AUAN after it published a piece suggesting the Brits had knowingly brought illegal homes in the area). However, the look of the site was always a little plain. They have now updated it, and I suspect I know where they got their inspiration from. Visit: http://www.teleprensa.es and look at it. Then go Continue reading New look for Teleprensa.es