Spanish TV

“After 10 years here I still can’t speak a word of Spanish!” It seems to be a uniquely English thing to say. The number of years changes but the tone of stubborn pride is always the same, normally followed by some hackneyed comment about “them understanding English if you shout it loud enough”. Ha ha. Very funny. Strangely enough, after a couple of beers these people will usually produce a copy of the Daily Mail Continue reading Spanish TV

Telecinco and La Sexta to merge???

Telecinco, the national TV channel, has announced that it is prepared to merge with another operator in order to service it’s debts. The most likely candidate is La Sexta, and negotiations are “advanced”. Telecinco and La Sexta were until recently sworn enemies as Telecinco took La Sexta to court after the two owners had a dispute and La Sexta started several prime time programs taking the mick out of Telecinco. Indeed, the Telecinco lawsuit became Continue reading Telecinco and La Sexta to merge???