Teacher fired for porn, sexual comments and misogyny

A supply teacher in Serón has been fired for showing teenagers in his class hard core pornography and advocating extreme violence against women. And now the local magistrate has become involved after parents complained to the Guardia Civil. The teacher worked at IES Sierra de los Filabres secondary school of Serón for just two months before the first complaints started to come in about the man’s “bizarre” behaviour in class. Shoot women, not clay pigeons Continue reading Teacher fired for porn, sexual comments and misogyny

Paedophile teacher gets two years

A teacher who sexually abused an eight year old girl in his care has been jailed for two years after the Supreme Court of Andalucía refused his appeal. The case dates back to the 2003-2004 school year, when the teacher used his position to befriend the girl and her parents. He is understood to have offered to give her free classes at his home to help her with her course-work, and over the course of Continue reading Paedophile teacher gets two years

Teachers must prove they aren’t paedophiles

The 9.883 teachers across Almeria will be busy filing paperwork after the Ministry of Education decided it would be a good idea to check that none of them are sexual predators. The new requirement of a criminal record clean of sexual offences comes after a legislative change implemented on August 18. It took until now (the school year is well underway) for the Ed Min to decide how to implement the change. Basically, teachers have Continue reading Teachers must prove they aren’t paedophiles


Congratulations to my brother-in-law Antonio Cervantes, who last weekend sat his civil service exams to become  a seconday school / FP teacher, and passed out nº 1 in his form for Almería, and at nº 3 overall for Andalucía. According to Ideal, some 3,000 people in Almería province alone sat those exams. Here he is, celebrating the world cup win. He still had time in between studies to keep those muscles going! And he’s just Continue reading Congratulations!