Spanish TV goes off in 2015 and it’ll cost you 20€ to keep watching!

Only two months after shutting down nine TV stations “because of lack of space on the spectrum”, the Ministry in charge of TV’s has announced they’ll allow five new TV stations to open up. But, and this is fun, it means every TV set in Spain is going to have to be reprogrammed, or you won’t get a signal.

Intereconomia TV goes “pop”

Intereconomia TV, the rather rabidly right wing private TV channel, went quietly under today, and ceased national transmission. At midday today the signal went to a test card transmission nationwide without prior notice. With it went the national radio channels Radio Intereconomía & Radio Inter. A brief comunique from the company said that it will only be available on terrestrial TV in the cities of Madrid and Valencia, although it continues to broadcast on the Continue reading Intereconomia TV goes “pop”

Digital TV implementation delayed in Almería – complete cockup!

Just 30 days to go before the analog TV signal is switched off in Almería and the Ministry has announced that, due to “failings in the changeover to digital transmittors”, the switchoff will be delayed in the north of the province. IE – they ran out of time and couldn’t complete. Out of 42 municipios (town halls) that were supposed to be switched off, only 20 currently have enough digital signal to be able to Continue reading Digital TV implementation delayed in Almería – complete cockup!

Digital TV (TDT) is coming!

Television digital terrestre (TDT), or digital TV, is on the way. They’ve just turned off all analog transmitters in Soria, which according to malicious gossip was chosen because they only received one channel there anyway. We will loose analog TV channels here in the region on the 30 june 2009. Which is less then a year away! The Cuevas del Almanzora transmitter has already gone over to digital, leaving Mojacar as the analog broadcaster, which Continue reading Digital TV (TDT) is coming!