So what’s all this about electricity prices rising 33%?

Given the mass hysteria online over the supposed electricity price hike, I thought I’d drill down and see what was happening. The first thing to understand is that those who react to the message are on the periphery of Spanish political in-fighting. Last week there was a concerted surge of popular messages across Spain calling for an apagón (switch-off) on Friday to protest against high electricity prices. Different political parties threw their weight behind one Continue reading

Galasa approves whopping price rise – some towns will see rates double

Galasa, our bankrupt local water company, has had a whopping 32% rise approved for the Levante, whilst in some towns in the Almanzora the rates will double. It comes after a 16% rise in 2009. But socialist towns (PSOE) have said they are planning to refuse to allow the increase, and say that this must be passed by each local council, something the provincial council disputes. Given that the bills come directly from Galasa HQ Continue reading

Tax on electricity to rise in Jan… also base costs

Electric taxes (which account for 60% of your bill) go up 2% on Jan 1st to help pay for the energy tariff. Furthermore… on Thursday we see the next energy auction which will set electric price for the 1st quarter of 2014. Expect another raise from there. Depressing, isn’t it? The Spanish energy market is fixed by an auction four times a year between those who sell us the electric, and those who generate it. Continue reading