Turre Tapas Route 2014 kicks off

The Turre Tapas Route 2014 kicks off on the 24th of July and runs until the 10th of August. Local bars and restaurants will be serving up their special favourite dishes, and residents can vote for their favourite tapas. You can also participate in a raffle – get at least 7 stamps on your Tapas Passport and drop it off to enter into a free raffle to win a Weekend away. (It doesn’t say where). Continue reading Turre Tapas Route 2014 kicks off

Huercal Overa tapas route starts tomorrow

Yummy! The restaurants of Huércal Overa are competing to see who can come up with the scrummiest tapas. The first annual Huércal Overa tapas route starts tomorrow, with a printed routemap being available from any of the participating restaurants. Get your routemap, get it stamped by at least five establishments, and enter a contest! I don’t know what you can win, the press release didn’t say. For a full list of participating restaurants, see the Continue reading Huercal Overa tapas route starts tomorrow

Ruta de Tapas de Mojacar 2011

The Mojacar Tapas Route 2011 group have setup an official website at www.detapaspormojacar.com. The RUTA DE TAPAS POR MOJACAR 2011 will commence from Friday 24th June through to Sunday 17th July 2011 with a launch party to be held at Hotel/Bar/Cafe Marazul, Mojacar Playa on Friday 24th June – there will be restricted numbers to the opening event. Each of the participating bars and restaurants will be supplying tapas for the evening event. At the Continue reading Ruta de Tapas de Mojacar 2011

El Pará, Turre

Still delicious. Still the best place in Turre for tapas, raciones or a full meal. So many years ago Turre was the town of restaurants. It was well known that if you wanted to eat out you went to Turre. We had the Adelina or the Meco for the “foriegners”, then defined as anyone from further away than Murcia or Albacete. Whereas the locals ate in Orsoca. Well, you know the story. It ends up Continue reading El Pará, Turre

La Pará, Turre

La Pará is a new bar and restaurant that has opened up at the top of the main street in Turre, as you leave going out towards the cementery. It´s very, very nicely done out inside, with no expense spared on the décor. This was done by someone who plans to stay a while, and these people are Ana, her husband Marcos and Ana’s sister whose name escapes me (but I´ll find out next time Continue reading La Pará, Turre

Cafe Bar Aguila, Albox

Aguila is a workers bar in Albox. But by gum, it’s a good one. Inside, in a main room, darkened by the windows which are tightly shuttered against the danger of the summer sun, wizened men and worker foremen sit hunched over the bar, drinking their carajillos. A low background murmur from conversation is constantly audible – the minute you look to see where it’s coming from the conversation stalls and you find that the Continue reading Cafe Bar Aguila, Albox

Meson Geres (Vera)

Meson Geres is in Vera, and a place I first discovered while having a quick coffee with the subdirector of Banco Andalucia. It’s hidden in between the banks and the notaries, and as such, is clean, quick and tasty. They do a “quick” menu del dia, in which you sit down, the waiter comes out, rattles off a long list of food, and you order the only item on the menu you heard. The food Continue reading Meson Geres (Vera)

Asuntxu autopull cerveceria Mojacar Playa (self serve beer!)

Asuntxu is a fun little place on Mojacar Playa with tapas and a twist – you serve your own beer from the taps installed in the centre of the tables. It’s actually good fun, just choose a table, get it switched on and off you go, pulling your own beers. Drink as little or as much as you want to, and get charged by the centilitre. €5 for a litre, which isn’t much more than Continue reading Asuntxu autopull cerveceria Mojacar Playa (self serve beer!)

Meson Verfran

  Casting around for something to add to my new look blog, I was stuck until called up by a Spanish friend for a beer at midday. Time being pressing, we popped along for a few tapas at Meson Verfran in Los Gallardos, a place I find I haven’t reviewed since 2006, despite frequently popping in for a snack. I find it strange how these Spanish mesóns can carry along without a glitch for year Continue reading Meson Verfran