Repsol on strike over New Year

Repsol’s central division expect to walk out on strike from the 24th December until the 11th January. Repsol say they don’t know how this will affect the delivery of gas bottles to clients, but warn it is extremely likely that the national distribution of commercial and domestic gas bottles will be hit. So stock up whilst you can! Further wildcat strikes are expected until April 4th 2016. Union UGT is protesting against plans by Repsol Continue reading Repsol on strike over New Year

Air Traffic Controller strike called off for August

The union of air traffic controllers have announced that they will be calling off their wave of strikes expected for August “to prevent interference with tourists and their holidays”. However, they threaten to restart the strikes in September. The strikes are protesting against the fines levied upon 61 ATC’s fined for participating in the strikes that paralysed Spain back in 2010.

Ryanair’s ground staff in Madrid go on strike over this summer

Chaos will hit Ryanair flights across Spain this summer after their ground staff in Madrid announced an “indefinite” strike. Although only the Madrid ground staff are striking, the knockon effect looks to affect Ryanair flights across the peninsula. The strike starts on the 30th May unless a settlement is reached. It’s being called because Ryanair has suddenly announced a 30% pay cut for these workers and has refused to sit down with unions to discuss Continue reading Ryanair’s ground staff in Madrid go on strike over this summer

Spanish football goes on strike – all domestic matches cancelled

The Spanish Royal Football Association (RFEF) has called an indefinite strike as from the 16th after a new law was signed by Congress reducing the royalties paid for audiovisual rights. The RFEF says football is under attack by the government, and that until certain questions are resolved, it is cancelling all domestic matches. The four main reasons given are: The withdrawal of the 4,55% royalty paid to the RFEF from all sales of the Quiniela, Continue reading Spanish football goes on strike – all domestic matches cancelled

Correos to go on strike next month

There will be a general national strike at Correos, the Spanish Post Office, taking place on several different days: 5, 15 & 22 May there will be a general strike called. Expect post offices to be closed across the country and no delivery that day. 30th April, 14 & 22nd May, there will be a “go slow”. Most post offices will be open but delivery will affected. The strikes are against a change in working Continue reading Correos to go on strike next month

Almeria airport strike ends

You might not have noticed, but Almeria airport has been on strike for 73 days now. Actually, it’s the Swissport ground handling staff, who went on strike back in August at 8 airports across Spain: Barcelona, Jerez, Almería, Alicante, Málaga, Fuerteventura, Valencia and Barajas cargo. The strike is now Spains longest airport strike. Swissport employees have been complaining about staff layoffs which, they say, meant those who remain have to work much harder, as well Continue reading Almeria airport strike ends

What to do if the strike cancels your flight

Bearing in mind that the air traffic controllers are threatening to go on strike this month if they don’t continue to get their 200,000€ (plus bonus and overtime) a year, and as I’m flying, I thought I’d better double check my legal rights in case of cancellation due to strikes. My flight is cancelled I am entitled to a full refund, or a free change of flight. If I am stuck at an airport which Continue reading What to do if the strike cancels your flight

Local Police strike – refuse to issue fines

The Local Police of several capitals – including Seville and Granada- are on strike over proposed pay cuts. However, instead of actually striking, they are refusing to issue standard traffic fines, except in severe cases. Instead, they are issuing warnings, or using outdated fine books which have not been withdrawn by the townhalls (which allows the fined motorists to recurr the fine). The protest has been called the “semana sin multa”, or Semana 0.0 by Continue reading Local Police strike – refuse to issue fines

Spanish on strike

The Administration is on strike today. Civil servants, annoyed at a 5% pay cut (they get paid 14 times a year and can’t be fired) are striking to ensure the protection of their “human rights”. Good lads. Stick up for yourselves. Meanwhile, we in the real world will keep on worrying about the fact that Spain is bankrupt and no longer attractive to tourists.

Judges, the right to protest, and the collapse of the judicial system

I have just seen that two Association of Judges (Asociación de Jueces Francisco de Vitoria (AJFV)) and the Foro Judicial Independiente (FJI) have broken ranks with the other two main judicial associations and brought the first strike date forwards to the 18th of Feb; it will be mainly a “symbolic” protest with the main event still, as programmed, on the 26th of June. The other two associations (Asociación Profesional de la Magistratura (APM) & Jueces Continue reading Judges, the right to protest, and the collapse of the judicial system