Vera activates Emergency Flood Plan for this weekend

Vera council has confirmed that it’s activated its emergency Flood Plan for this weekend, as it looks like it’ll rain tomorrow (bummer for Los Carrascos fiesta in Turre…) Emergency services in the town will be prepared with a “coordinated response” to any localised flooding and have made sure all material and equipment they need is in a fit state, and that they know where it all is. The EFP has two levels: 1 which is Continue reading Vera activates Emergency Flood Plan for this weekend

Cold air sweeps into province – watch out for storms

Get ready to shiver and pull out those winter woollies as a mass of cold Atlantic air hits us today sending the thermometer plummeting, with a possibility of snow in Mojacar. Nah, I’m over excited. But the max temperature in expected to drop from the 38º it hit earlier in the week to just 30º or 31º over the next couple of days, as the hot front settled over us for the last two weeks Continue reading Cold air sweeps into province – watch out for storms

Roquetas floods in 20 minute storm

Roquetas de Mar suffered a cloudburst yesterday which flooded the place in about 20 minutes. A heavy hailstorm blocked the storm gutters, which lead to water going everywhere. Roquetas is a horrible place in the rain – the whole bottom half of the city just floods, and the storm gutters, such as they are, go from the big new ones to the old small ones, forcing the excess water up in spouts along the avenues. Continue reading Roquetas floods in 20 minute storm

1927 steamboat wreck uncovered by storms

A steamboat which sank in a storm in 1927 has re-emerged on a beach in Northern Spain, on the infamous costa do morte, coast of death. The Portuguese flagged steamboat freighter “Silva Gouveia” sank in storm 87 years ago whilst carrying a load of sugar. The 60m long boat was built in 1906 in Great Britain, according to El Mundo.

Orange storm alert along coast for this Sunday

An Orange alert has been issued along the coast of Almeria warning of strong winds and high tides. Civil protection reckons we could be looking at gale force 8 winds starting Sunday afternoon as a storm blows in, and warns people not to approach the sea. They also ask homeowners to ensure nothing can be blown off roof patios onto the streets below.