Cortijo Grande gossip

From a reader: Hi David! Love your site and all your reviews/gossip etc! We are coming back to Cortijo Grande in a couple of weeks and you seem to know everything about the area/where to eat etc so I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me? I heard a rumour that Los Limoneros had closed down? Is that true? Is Finca Listonero re-opened for the evenings yet? Is it still a Continue reading Cortijo Grande gossip

Bar Juventud, Los Gallardos

In my youth, Bar Juventud was the “other bar”. As people who lived on the “Crespo” side of the street, going into Juventud was akin to a Madrid supporter sneaking into a Barça pub. Only to be attempted wearing a large hat when noone was around. Which was a pity as it always had better tapas. Then we grew up and rarely visited Los Gallardos, as we lived out in the sticks and once we Continue reading Bar Juventud, Los Gallardos

La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa

La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa La Cabaña is the original Argentine on Mojacar Playa. Late last year they were evicted from their original premises (opposite Tito’s) by a landlord who tried to triple their rent. Once they had gone, he reopened the premises keeping almost everything identical. This little scam didn’t work too well, as not only did all the regulars quickly catch on to what happened, but they managed to get new (larger and Continue reading La Cabaña Argentina, Mojacar Playa

La Cabana Argentine Restaurant, Mojacar

Update: 4th August 2008. It’s now moved, according to the normally reliable Lenox Napier (I never venture down Mojacar Playa this time of year unless driven). It’s now in Pueblo Diana, in front of El Levante. The landlord has reopened keeping it almost the same. —————————————————————————————— La Cabana Argentine Restaurant, Parrilla Argentina, is a restaurant in which I only ever seem to go to when I’m with a large group of people who are always determined Continue reading La Cabana Argentine Restaurant, Mojacar