€240,000 in stamps ‘stolen’ from university

A civil servant at the University of Almería has been charged with fraud after auditors found he had spent €240,000 supposedly buying stamps over the last twelve years. The public prosecutor alleges the man was handing in false invoices every fifteen days to justify taking money from petty cash. The invoices were not issued by the state postal service, Correos, but were never questioned by the University accountants. Alarm bells were rung after auditors spotted Continue reading €240,000 in stamps ‘stolen’ from university

Correos runs out of ideas for stamps

The Spanish post office is running out of ideas for stamps was my first thought when some letters arrived with two MSN messenger lookalike icons hugging each other, under the slogan “for respect on the net” (por el respeto en la RED). Shortly afterwards another one arrived, an icon of someone using a mouse with a sinister shadow in the background creeping away. Soy lo que hago proclaims the slogan (I am what I do). Continue reading Correos runs out of ideas for stamps