Sol Times catch fire

It seems that the truck carrying this weeks “Sol Times” caught fire on transit and so all copies were burnt to a crisp, so we won’t get any this week. (not that we ever do, of course, in this neck of the woods). Rumours that a rival organisation flipped a match into the back of the truck whilst driving along the motorway are, I assume, unfounded but fun to imagine.

Why didn’t ACEM tell anyone about Moros y Cristianos?

Well, one can forgive the Euro Weekly News and the Sol Times for forgetting about the annual Mojacar Moros y Cristianos fiesta (described in the special supplement of El Ideal as “the Levante’s most important fiesta” and Diario Sur de Málaga as “unmissable – eastern Andalucia’s trademark June festival”). Football is so much more interesting, and will fill a bar for an afternoon. After all, despite the Euro Weekly News claiming to be “the paper Continue reading Why didn’t ACEM tell anyone about Moros y Cristianos?

Almerimar is popular!

Ever since I trailblazed the path, Almerimar has come out of obscurity and is becoming ever more popular with the free newspapers – despite the fact that nobody advertises there! So now a little bird tells me that the Sol Times is going to start distributing there. Crikey! Nail extensions have never been so popular! Although I still regret unleashing Chris Marshall onto an unsuspecting world…… ah hem.

Medical exams with UK driving license

As usual, the Sol Times has printed the first bit of rumour it gets without bothering to check the facts. This appeared today top of page 3 in a big red box: Thanks to Bruce Hobday of the Cantoria Residents Association who sent us the following: Maria Luisa (Policia Local of Arboleas) has checked with Tráfico in Almeria who have confirmed the following: British Citizens who are resident in ALMERIA and who hold an up Continue reading Medical exams with UK driving license