Yellow snow alert in province

There is a snow alert, yellow level*, for the higher parts of the province tonight. *Sorry, yellow snow alert. Snigger. Snow above 1,000/ 1,500 metres in the south of Spain, starting to fall tonight. Los Velez is the main area affected, as are the mountains of Tabernas. We may get some rain tonight and Monday morning – then again, we may not. Stay up to date here from the official source: The weather. Consult the Continue reading Yellow snow alert in province

More staff but fewer snowploughs for Almeria

The Junta has just released its two year “snow budget” for the provinces, and Almería will lose 20 machines from its fleet of anti-snow vehicles. However, we get an additional 35 staff, as part of Andalusia’s fight against unemployment. So… 20 vehicles cut, and instead an additional 35 untrained blokes with shovels. Hmm. In all, there will be 42 vehicles destined towards fighting snow, of which 7 are snowploughs, and 160 staff. They will have Continue reading More staff but fewer snowploughs for Almeria

Yellow snow alert in province for Tuesday and Wednesday

Almeria is on yellow snow alert as temperatures drop to -4ºC Tuesday night! Nacimimiento, Campo de Tabernas, Valle del Almanzora & Los Velez could receive up to 2 centimetres of snow, starting 10pm. The snow level could drop to about 700m according to the Met office. Although VERY cold it isn’t likely to rain too much.  

-10ºC tonight!

Watch out if you’re in the high mountains of the province, as a blast of Siberian cold reaches the province. Temperatures are expected to dip as low as -10ºC in the high mountains of Los Vélez, high Almanzora valley and Nacimiento, it should be the coldest night since 2005. Last time it got this cold, it snowed in Almerimar! The weather girl on TVE last night indicated that the snow level for the province could Continue reading -10ºC tonight!

Snow in Cabrera

Just returned from a snowball fight up in the mountains above Cabrera. Lots of lovely snow. Here’ s a few pictures. All right, we’re not talking about the depths of the Scandinavian winter here, but it’s good fun. Ironically enough, as somebody has just moodily emailed me to point out, this is the weekend that John Gaunt was paid to come here and tell everyone how lovely and warm Mojácar is in the winter.  Ah, Continue reading Snow in Cabrera

Chains only on 6 main Almerian roads

Chains are required on 6 main Almerian roads at the moment, and a total of 11 roads are badly affected by snow. It seems the Guardia will be enforcing this, and stopping people without chains going up. (Where do you buy snow chains in Almeria? Does Blanes stock them???) Affected roads are: A-92S desde el km. 345,000 al 327,000, NIVEL.- Verde. – INCIDENCIA.- Nieve. OBSERVACIONES.- Circulación con precaución. – ( Dª María, Ocaña, Fiñana) -A-92N Continue reading Chains only on 6 main Almerian roads

Snow above 900m in Almeria – expected to drop to 700

We currently have heavy-ish snowfall above 900m in Almeria, according to a nice lady reporting live from Laujar de Andarax, above Albox. Snowfall overnight down to 700m, which is nice. Currently, I’m looking at some nasty clouds forming over the Cabreras and wondering if I’ll wake up to a white morning…. Here are some roads that are cutoff by snow: AL 5402, in Bayarcal AL 5405 in Escullar AL3404 in Bahanes A1178 in Seron are Continue reading Snow above 900m in Almeria – expected to drop to 700