Found a snake being eaten by a bird!

Whilst out in the fields yesterday, we spotted a bird which I later thought was a Kestrel flying off nearby and so went to investigate. We then found this: It’s a local snake, which I have identified as a Culebra lisa meridional, known commonly as the Coronella girondica or in English, Riccioli’s Snake, missing its head. It’s non venemous. Don’t ask me what the Spanish call it – the common local name for anything small Continue reading Found a snake being eaten by a bird!

A shock last night!

While pottering about last night, I received one hell of shock when I opened a gate and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I swung round and… not 30 cm away… was this happy little chap. After screaming and running away, a camara was found. We got some long tongs and removed him. He was upwards of a meter long, but quite skinny. Took refuge under a wood pile, so I assume Continue reading A shock last night!