Marbella abandons skyscraper plans


Marbella has overturned a previous planning permission to permit five massive skyscrapers to be built in the iconic town, and has withdrawn all permits, after a huge citizen protest movement against the plans. (See here for more on the plans) The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, said that the citizens had spoken and her administration had responded. A previous change to the urban plan which would have permitted several 55 story skyscrapers to be built Continue reading Marbella abandons skyscraper plans

Marbella to imitate Dubai and allow modern skyscrapers

Marbella council has voted to allow skyscrapers of up to 50 stories to be built in the iconic town. Up to five of the massive tower blocks will be permitted. “Can you imagine Dubai but with lush palms, homes with sea views but hidden from sight, all under one amazing mountain?” enthuses councillor for urban planning Pablo Moro as he announced the changes. Well… no, but I can some prat trying to turn Marbella into Continue reading Marbella to imitate Dubai and allow modern skyscrapers

The Almeria Freshwater Factory Skyscraper

Charles Butler of Ibexsalad sent me a link to this fascinating design project: The Freshwater Factory or Evolo is a water-generating skyscraper in Almeria, located along the Mediterranean coast in the south-eastern region of Spain. The Freshwater tower is assembled from bubble-shaped structures designed to desalinate the brackish water from the Mediterranean Sea into freshwater.