What lovely weather

As the rest of Europe freezes, and western Andalucía is swept out of sea (terrible floods), at 8:30 this morning it was 20ºC, according to my car. That’s almost 30º degrees warmer than the UK at the moment. Fantastic. This sort of weather makes up for the corruption, over efficient police, and illegal homes. And should the mood take me, within 2 hours I could be in one of Europe’s largest ski resorts.

Earliest start of ski season in Granada ever

CETURSA, the operating company of the Sierra Nevada Ski Station in the mountains above Granada, opened its doors yesterday in the earliest start to the ski season ever recorded. 3000 people skiied yesterday, and the director of Cetursa announced that not only are they expecting a 44% raise on last years numbers, they have kept all ski prices the same as last year, and will have more pistes open than ever before – to a Continue reading Earliest start of ski season in Granada ever