Andalucia to limit sales season and opening hours

Two years ago, a new national law gave stores more powers to decide when to hold sales. Previously, the regional governments would establish sales seasons, and outside of those seasons, sales were illegal. The same law extended opening hours and Sunday openings. But the Director General of Commerce for the Junta de Andalucia, María del Carmen Cantero, has decided to roll back the times and once again establish strict controls over when sales can be Continue reading Andalucia to limit sales season and opening hours

To the last cent

Spotted around the back of Almería market, what was obviously an old veinte duro, hundred peseta shop which was very careful with the conversion into euros: 100 pesetas is €0,6024. This gentleman (or lady), no doubt somewhat unsure about the new money but eager for any opportunity to rack up the prices, carefully rounded up to 0,61€. How he must have cursed when other canny competitors hit on the spiffing idea of just rounding it Continue reading To the last cent