Fisherman attacked by shark off Almería

That should read “shark attacked by fisherman” as it bit him when he was trying to drag it onboard his fishing trawler. The man was on board the 17m long Nuevo Mirandilla fishing boat when he dragged aboard a tintoria, a blue shark. Whilst struggling with the 2metre long fish, it bit him hard on the hand, almost severing the limb. The coastguard sent a helicopter out to rescue the man, as his boat was Continue reading Fisherman attacked by shark off Almería

Another shark caught off Villaricos

Sea’s full of them at the moment it seems. A 2 metre long shark was caught recently some 8 nautical miles off Villaricos, and then four days ago a baby shark was dragged in by some fishermen. And then this summer we had the famous oar fish, which caused no end of fuss. Biologists say that these sharks don’t normally attack humans, as they only go after small fish, and that bathers shouldn’t be worried.