Teachers must prove they aren’t paedophiles

The 9.883 teachers across Almeria will be busy filing paperwork after the Ministry of Education decided it would be a good idea to check that none of them are sexual predators. The new requirement of a criminal record clean of sexual offences comes after a legislative change implemented on August 18. It took until now (the school year is well underway) for the Ed Min to decide how to implement the change. Basically, teachers have Continue reading Teachers must prove they aren’t paedophiles

Pulpí paedophile paediatrician arrested in Colombia after fleeing arrest in Almería

A paediatrician doctor who worked in Pulpí (Almería) has been arrested on paedophilia charges in his native Colombia. Dr Carlos Alexander Rodríguez Linares fled back to his homeland after police in Almería investigated him for sexual crimes against child patients of his.