An electric bill of 169, 798 euros?

Some poor fellow from Marbella has received a rather high electric bill. 169 thousand euros. Trouble is, he claims Endesa won’t discuss the bill until he pays it. Trouble is, they passed the direct debit through the bank, and now the bank is asking him for the money. So now he’s worried about going to jail. FACUA, the consumer organisation, has promised to look into the case. Frankly, I would have thought that a quick Continue reading An electric bill of 169, 798 euros?

Concerned that you were conned on your electric bill?

Visit with a copy of your last two bills to see if it was accurate. The scam that Endesa was running was to charge you bugger all on your (estimated) bill in December, then put the price up on the 1st of Jan and charge you all of December on the new (more expensive) tariff. Something could be illegal. Go there and find out.