Invasion of the chameleon

There’s a little reptile that competes with the tortoise in our affections, but unlike its shelled cousin it is quietly conquering the province – the common chameleon. It’s not an animal that leaps to mind when you think of Almería, but Chamaeleo chamaeleon is breeding like crazy and is being found in places where it has never been found before. And with the chameleon breeding season upon us, if there are any nearby you’re bound Continue reading Invasion of the chameleon

Tortoise census takes wanted

Ecologistas en Acción are looking for volunteers to take part in a tortoise census next Saturday May 28. It’s part of a tortoise survey being carried out by the University of Murcia and the Serbal association. The census starts at 10am in Salar de los Canos, Vera. You’ll wander around your designated area all day, and everytime you find a tortoise you call over the vet who is in charge of checking their health. Then Continue reading Tortoise census takes wanted